Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kisses on Cheeks in the Dark

Of the leaving night;
Of small talk and smiles
to make light 
of aching hearts
leaving warm bodies in warm blankets behind

Of kisses on cheeks in the dark;
Of shuffling feet and a little spark
that the light in the doorway makes;
Of a practiced good-bye 
in hushed tones and mime,
once more, lest my little child wakes

Of promises; Of time
and time again turning back to see her at the window sill;
Freezing moments, trigger-happy making stills
in the mind
for the heart;

But time runs out,
A car drives in;
I depart

- Amit

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diving, Up

The making, made
the brightening, shade
the might, now will
no strength afraid
no lingering want
or desires haunt,
comes floating down
now morning taunts
a wrinkly djinn
now blink-and-gone
yet remains
the shine it shone
now stooping high 
now threatening dawn
diving up, again
now gone


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where Goes The Shadow?

The tired earth tosses slowly her sides
Inching closer to slumber with measured strides
The black city-ghosts grow taller, but weak
The birds all fly west, with spirited shrieks

The body goes to rest, the mind, to squander,
The weary go home, the homeless go wander
The fallen go back, the hopeful go on
But 'tis only a soft-glow, what once brightly shone

The long fingers of the Sun are done caressing the shore
The day of Life is done asking for more
Its quiver now empty, where goes the arrow?
The flame now goes out, where goes the shadow?


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Closet

You were away that night.

I tip-toed into your room
and opened your closet
rummaging through this and that

I found him hiding
behind some old knick-knacks
on the third shelf on the right.

Afraid to speak,
looking scared
in spite of the perpetual grin on his face;
I offered him some courage from the bottle in my pocket
He drank it all up as I stared into his empty sockets
And then he spoke.
We spoke.
About this and that
and we laughed
till I innocently slipped in the Question
and he slipped, replied.
Then stopped.

You were away that night.
You, who will never return.


Thursday, March 25, 2010



walking back, backwards, behind
the gate, up the steps,
rushing backward frame by frame
yellow leaves floating up,
attaching to whence they came
breathing out, and then in
unlike how it should have been
up the passage, through the door
till i'm back face-to-face
with your
mesmerizing eyes;
I was...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Flight

At least nine feet above the tallest man
he lords over the crowd from where he stands
watching waiters criss-crossing the room
ladies clinking glasses and men blowing fumes
his sharp eye catches the one to impress
(kohl-lined eyes, in the black dress)
He squares his shoulders and adjusts his bow
settles his hair and gets to ready to go
step by step down the flight of stairs
gradually losing his height and airs
finally standing at the foot of the flight
the crowd now stares down at his brief height
the scared little boy adjusts his shorts and specs
suddenly wary of strange aunts' pecks
he skips down the hall to find his dad
and ice cream and soda and fun to-be-had

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Story

All my waking hours spent
i see you 'fore whatever fate it sends
to fill my day
day-dreaming never about you
but yet you're there with every blink i take
and all the falls i stake
you bleed for me
just as i have cried
each time you tried and fought to be with me
this is complicated
don't ever think you're underrated
but you, you will never see
it's just a state of me
that i accept
except, this isn't love, and i dare not dig you,
don't ever think we're free
or if we'll ever be
the fact remains that you and i
will swing together, see the world together
and sense and sensibility
will be pervaded and captivated
like it always used to be
each time i snuck away with you
to the million places you led me secretly
cos our attachment goes far beyond
than love and all its chronic bonds
and everybody knows,
you're mine, i take you with me
where'r the road it goes
and die to feel you breathe with me,
my long nose